Episode 2: Left Libertarianism: An Overview

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C.Jay talks with Jeff Peterson about left-libertarianism. We discuss the definition of left-libertarianism and identify some of their key proponents. Jeff gives an overview of their philosophy and discusses what motivates them and the goals toward which they aim their efforts. We look into some of their key rhetorical strategies and fallacies, much of which includes equivocation, ambiguous terminology, and more.

Jeff Peterson is an Austrian and anarcho-capitalist in the Rothbardian/Higgsian tradition. He is an analyst for Intercontinental Hotels and runs an Airbnb. He manages the Anarcho-capitalist/Austrian Facebook page We The Individuals and is a contributor to the site AltarandThrone.com.

In this episode we mention the following articles:

Identity Politics and Warfare Sociology by Dan Sanchez

The Perils of Thick Thinking (Sophistry and the State) by Dan Sanchez

Thick Libertarianism Eviscerated: A Response to Charles Johnson by C.Jay Engel

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